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Cleveland Ohio Federal White Collar Criminal Defense Attorneys

Cleveland Federal White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer | Ohio Criminal Lawyer

Aggressive and Affordable Veteran White Collar Crime Defense in both Federal and State Courts

Cleveland Ohio Federal White Collar Criminal Defense Attorneys, Summers, Scott & Associates Co. LLC are a well-established, aggressive and highly regarded criminal defense law firm that represents individuals in grand jury investigations, trials, sentencings and appeals, as well as forfeiture proceedings in federal district courts. Attorneys William Summers and Jennifer Scott have more than 50 years of experience representing clients in complex criminal law cases involving financial fraud and white-collar crime, narcotics and weapons charges and immigration offenses.


Federal criminal justice matters often involve complex financial evidence and details. Prior to bringing charges, federal prosecutors often spend months or even years interviewing potential witnesses and gathering records. In many federal cases, there are many individuals charged in a single case. Analyzing the complexity of evidence and determining the appropriate defense strategy to fight for a reduction of charges or an acquittal in court requires professional knowledge and experience. Mr. Summers and Ms. Scott have that experience working with federal court judges, prosecutors and procedures. Their law firm has earned a reputation among legal professionals throughout the Ohio and tri-state region for protecting clients' rights at every phase of the process.


Federal white-collar crime charges are serious and warrant seriously experienced and aggressive criminal defense representation. Veteran federal criminal defense attorneys William L. Summers and Jennifer Scott, bring an aggressive firm behind them, and when coupled with experienced experts and former Government agents to each case, bring highly effective and professional Federal Criminal Defense. They have a proven record of accomplishment of success defending clients in everything from Bank, wire and mail fraud to identity theft. They will do everything possible to put these troubles behind you. Their insights have led to numerous courtroom successes.


Together they recently won a complete acquittal for a 35 year old Pennsylvania Law Enforcement official in The US Federal District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania at Pittsburg, who was charged with conspiracy and facing a possible life sentence.


If you have received a “Target letter” from a Governmental agency or are actually charged with a federal white collar crime, the firm can also capably represent your interests during investigations and in response to grand jury subpoenas. They have opposed a great number of government agencies at trial, including the FBI, DEA, IRS-CID, ATF, ICE, the Department of Justice, and Department of the Treasury, the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service.


Call for an initial FREE CONSULTATION in our office, or in the privacy and convenience of your own, during which we can explore how best to defend and resolve your case as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Our 24-hour telephone number is (855) 696-0727. Do not delay in contacting the Cleveland Ohio Federal White Collar Criminal Defense Attorneys at Summers & Scott in Cleveland Ohio. Their availability puts you within reach via phone, fax or e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation.